Wow! A Testimonial And A Half

Wow! A Testimonial And A Half

It’s always lovely when clients take the time to write nice things about the work you’ve done.  But I don’t think we’ve ever been prouder to receive such heartfelt words.  Totally made our day, week and month.  Thank you so much Ian – we were delighted to help.

Back in 1997 , my daughter Aimee aged 5 passed away following a battle with cancer. Without going into all the details, Aimee was born with some form of immune problem which had largely gone undetected; we thought she was just a bit unlucky to keep getting all these nasty coughs and colds.


After Aimee died we set about raising money to change this for other children and with the support of hundreds, possibly thousands of people, we have managed to change things for the better. Some 21 years later I felt it was time to have a web site built so that there was a point of reference and that could possibly help to continue to raise a few extra pounds.


Obviously creating the web site was something that was going to be very close to my heart and very personal.  Like many of us I’ve come across numerous individuals/organisations that are willing to help out.  I had previously used Tameside Business Services / 24/7 Uptime for other work which I have been thrilled with (all aspects of the work was faultless, with expert knowledge and skill to aid with the project) so I had no hesitation in asking the team to help me out once again, however this time with literally ‘my baby’.  I had all the information, photos, newspaper articles, all sorts of things, all stuffed in my head – I guess due to the personal nature of the project I didn’t have a clear plan of how to get this down on paper.


I needn’t have worried; once again the team stepped up to the mark and excelled – their patience and care was unstinting, going so far above and beyond the call of duty that words didn’t seem adequate enough. To say I am thrilled with the web site is truly an understatement, it is everything I’d hoped for and more.


I wasn’t an easy client, I know – not being sure of what you actually want at the outset is not going to be easy. I needed guidance, ideas and time and then the skill to pull it all off –‘ I got the lot’ in abundance….. what more can I say, you are amazing thank you from the bottom of my heart x

Ian Drew, The Aimee Drew Trust