Why Tameside Business Services?

Why Tameside Business Services?

Tameside Business Services came about after a ‘light bulb’ moment when meetings lots of new startups and SMEs whilst out networking over recent months.


We know that all new companies start small; afterall, we were a new startup Tameside business in 2009 with our own specific requirements.  Your to do list is endless and, with so many plates to spin, you need people and solutions that you can trust.


We have a proven track record in keeping household name organisations up and running 24/7, but they have very sophisticated business continuity and disaster recovery needs and we realised our web site reflected that.


Therefore we decided to launch Tameside Business Services to keep things simple, approachable and friendly.


We provide assistance in all types of shapes, sizes and packages.  For example:

  • Hosted brochure web site with free email set up, plus 20Gb of data backup space and 4 hours of remote IT support
  • Hosted simple e-commerce web site plus 40Gb of data backup space and 8 hours of remote IT support


All options and combinations available – including on-site support, network setup (wired or wireless) and a fully outsourced IT department service.


Our expert team is here to help you so please do give us a call to find out more!