When Is Data Backup NOT Data Backup?

When Is Data Backup NOT Data Backup?

You’re backing up your data on site to your own hard drive – but have you tested that it actually restores correctly?


We’ve recently been approached by a company who was doing just that but it was only when their main server crashed that they realised critical databases hadn’t been backed up properly.  So that meant they had lost more than 10 years’ worth of valuable business data.


Since they’ve started working with us, we have carefully gone through their essential data and databases to ensure we are backing them all up off site.   Our new client is now doubly cautious with a belts and braces approach to data backup: They use our data backup software to store data off site, as well as using it to encrypt the data they store on hard disks on site.  That means if their hard disks are lost or stolen, the data is secure because it cannot be accessed without their encryption key.


Our data backup doesn’t affect how you work and we can set it to run at a time to suit you: this can be during weekdays only, daily – or even twice a day if you prefer.  It just depends on how often you work on your computer or server.


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