Web Site Refresher Training

Web Site Refresher Training

One of our clients has realised the true benefit of their web site during the COVID19 lockdown.  As an essential food provider, it has helped them gain new customers too.


We built a web site for this small family food business around 3 years ago and, after our initial training session, handed it over to them for updating.  However, they are the first to admit that they haven’t kept up with updating the site – they haven’t had a dedicated person to do this because of staff changes and, because they gained most of their business via word of mouth due of their longstanding reputation for quality, they didn’t see it as a priority.  They mainly shared any offers they had with customers on Facebook and were happy with how that worked.


But then the COVID19 lockdown arrived.  And people started frantically hunting around for quality food as the supermarkets began to run out.  New and existing customers began to contact them via their web site to place orders.  They introduced an initial delivery service when people were restricted from getting out and about.  But as the lockdown continued to be eased, many customers had mentally transitioned to placing their orders via the web site and so our client has been consistently getting around 50 extra orders per week.


They are delighted with this outcome and now realise the benefit of keeping the site up to date – particularly since customers who don’t use Facebook have been asking for details of special offers.  They have now received additional web site training and have allocated one member of staff to be the main web site update resource, with another one as standby.


Amongst other things, we have shown them how to list special offers, and how to schedule news posts so they can write them in batches when they are stretched for time.  We are looking forward to hearing about more success with this over the coming weeks.


If we have built a web site for you and you need a refresher training session, please ask us for more information.