IT Support

We know the feeling – your computer isn’t working as expected and you want to throw it out of the window.  Your colleagues or friends always know how to fix it – but then you find out they don’t.


We know what we are talking about – and the first thing we do when you come on board with us is a health check of your current computer(s).  When we do this, we are checking that your systems are up to date, you have working antivirus software etc and help ensure your system has a clean bill of health.  That means you and we know we’ve got a clean slate when we start working with you.


We often don’t even need to visit you to do this or to fix any future problems you may have.  We can dial in remotely to your computer (only with your express permission of course!) and talk to you over the phone to help assess your issues and resolve any problems.  This makes it faster and more cost effective for you.


We also offer basic IT training so we can help you get to grips with new computer software and learn more about the online world.


Time is money – so call the friendly IT Support experts at Tameside Business Services on 0161 366 8499 and we will get you back to working normally in a jiffy, no matter what size business you own.











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