Protect Your Systems From Cyber Threats

Protect Your Systems From Cyber Threats

Cyber security threats have been hitting the headlines this past week or so – but there is a general misconception that this threat is restricted to governments and large companies.  Sadly no it’s not!


Many years ago the global cost of cyber crime surpassed that of drugs trading and it continues to rise.  Criminals are targetting everyone and anyone so we all need to remain vigilant.  As more and more data is held on tablets, PCs, laptops and phones, the situation will only escalate.


Ciaran Martin from the National Cyber Security Centre appeared on BBC Breakfast recently to remind everyone to keep your devices up to date as far as patches and upgrades are concerned and also to BACK UP YOUR DATA as a basic common sense line of defence.


Coincidentally and very unfortunately, one of our customers was the subject of a ransomware attack in the past week and they asked if we could help them get their data back.  We do back up and protect a lot of their data but they had previously decided that this particular data set didn’t need to be protected by our data backup services because they would do this manually in-house instead.  Sadly, human beings are  not the most reliable of beasts and, inevitably, they hadn’t backed up their most recent data for several weeks.


We are all awash with data these days – whether it’s customer records, sales & financial information, even photographs of our products and services – and it’s vital that we protect it.


No matter what devices you use, nor whether yours is a large or small company, do keep your system patches and upgrades up to date and make sure you backup your data every day with a reliable system.