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Data Backup

Your company information is incredibly valuable and something you simply cannot afford to lose: customer records & sales, company accounts, contracts, emails etc – so how do you protect yours?


It’s always good practice to backup and protect your data but many businesses still don’t do this.  Ask yourself: do you backup to memory stick, CD or external hard drive?  Do you keep this off site?  Can you restore your data quickly if a disaster happens?  Is the member of your team responsible for this available 24/7?


Sadly, traditional backup routines and systems are outdated and unreliable.  More than 50% of manual backup routines fail due to faulty or untested disks and tapes.


That’s why we offer a software solution that automatically backs up and protects all your valuable company data.  Data is backed up every day, at a time chosen by you, to multiple UK based data centres.  That means if you accidentally delete records or suffer computer failure, fire or other disaster then you know your data is safely stored off site and can be easily retrieved.


“I have been using Replicate Data as my data backup solution since August 2012. The initial setting up was easy and pain-free, and the backups run automatically so I don’t have to think about them. I now have peace of mind that, should some IT disaster occur, I will have quick and easy access to my data and my business will not be detrimentally affected. On the odd occasion that the backup doesn’t run according to plan – and this has always been because I have unwittingly made some major changes to my files or systems – Chris, Tracy or the team have quickly rectified the situation and ensured that the backup service is resumed promptly. I can’t recommend the TBS team highly enough for the service they provide.

Tracey Booth, Managing Director, 8020 Financial Management



Our system complies with GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act – it’s trusted by hundreds of customers.  Why not join them?



Are you looking for a data backup solution?  Do you need a viable alternative to Redstor to backup and protect your curriculum servers and Capita SIMS systems?  Our offsite data backup service is used by schools, academies and other educational establishments.


We are happy to work with your school directly or via your IT company that has already established a working relationship with you to become part of their overall IT offer – we complement rather than compete with their service.


“This is so much better than what we did before – I would manually change the backup disks daily and take them home in my handbag.  Now it is all done for me and I don’t need to remember to do it.  It’s also great to get the daily automated email confirming all has been backed up safely.  As a bursar we have lots of things to do – this is one less thing for me to worry about.”

Tricia Pye, Bursar, Stalyhill Junior School, Stalybridge


Our backup service is fully automated, military grade encrypted for security and backed up to UK-based data centres for real peace of mind.  It’s also incredibly simple to use and very cost effective.


Drop us a line or call us on 0161 366 8499 to chat about your data backup needs.

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