A Lovely, Shiny New Web Site – But Have You Got A Copy?

A Lovely, Shiny New Web Site – But Have You Got A Copy?

You’ve got a lovely, shiny new web site – but have you got a copy of it in case it gets hacked, becomes corrupt or lost?  It can and does happen.


We’ve been approached by a couple of companies lately whose original web site has ‘disappeared’ into the ether.  One company didn’t update their web site very often so didn’t realise it had been hacked until it was too late. All the files were corrupt and they pretty much needed to start again from scratch.


Another company had unknowingly hired a rogue web designer who didn’t pay for the hosting (despite billing for it) so the web site was simply switched off.  The web designer also disappeared so, again, no web site.


When we create your web site, we take a backup copy of it when we hand it over to you.  Obviously, you will be updating it from then on but, if the worst comes to the worst and your site is hacked, lost or made corrupt in some way, we can help you get it back* so you’ve not lost everything forever.


As part of our web hosting service, we back up your web site on a daily basis.  We keep that copy for 7 days so, if you notice your site has been hacked, you’ve got a week to let us know and we can help you restore a clean version*.


You put a lot of time, effort and spend into your online ‘shop front’ so it’s important to protect it.  We do our best to help you to do that.


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* charges may apply