New Fundraising Web Site for Aimee Drew Trust

New Fundraising Web Site for Aimee Drew Trust

We were honoured to be asked to create a web site for a very special cause, the Aimee Drew Trust.

Aimee Drew was just 5 years old when she died in January 1997 after battling against lymphoma cancer.  At that time there were no specialist facilities at Manchester Children’s Hospital, so Aimee’s dad, Ian Drew launched the  Aimee Drew Trust to help fund these so that other children could receive life saving treatment.

Towards the end of last year, Ian wanted to create a web site as a focal point for fundraising: when people want to help with donations and legacies, it gives them all the information they need but also they can see the essence of Aimee, the little girl who started it all.

This was an emotional project but we worked hard to handle it with sensitivity yet also a business focus.   We are delighted that Ian is pleased with the results.

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