Don’t let your hard earned profits go up in smoke

Don’t let your hard earned profits go up in smoke

Where DOES the time go?  Only 2 months left in 2017 – and most businesses are getting ready for the coming New Year.  But how many organisations are confident that they will continue to operate trouble free – even until the end of December?


There is a huge amount of statistical data around on business interruption and system outage.  £2 billion per year is a conservative estimate on loss of revenue by UK companies alone, due to unscheduled system downtime.  Millions of new ransomware and malicious virus attacks are interrupting even one or two man band laptop users and small businesses.  Web sites are constantly targetted by hackers trying to steal information, personal details and access financial information.  All that means that from now until the end of 2017, £160million will be lost by UK industry due to unforeseen system downtime.  Thousands of PC and server users will suffer malicious hacker/ransomware attacks and it’s almost certain some of the larger web sites will hit the headlines once again due to booking system outages, travel disruption or financial problems.


Make sure YOUR business is not one of them.  From implementing a reliable offsite data backup solution to secure web site hosting, you need the right level of technology assistance for your business.  Tameside Business Services can help ensure your business success and hard-earned profits don’t go up in smoke.


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