Avoid Business Disruption from Fire, Flood – or Blizzard!

Avoid Business Disruption from Fire, Flood – or Blizzard!

The UK weather has generated more headlines than usual lately with the ‘Beast from the East’ followed by floods and the ‘Mini Beast from the East’ this weekend.


High winds, snow and floods can cause much damage to your business premises – whether that’s commercial premises or your spare bedroom or garage.  This in itself causes a lot of distress – but if all your business records are destroyed as well then your livelihood really is at stake.


Our Replicate Data offsite data backup service does what it says on the tin: it backs up all your data off site but allows you to get all your records back as soon as you’ve got access to a new computer.  We back up your business data over the internet each day but, when a real disaster strikes, we can restore all your data onto a hard drive and get this to you so you have all your business records back quickly.


Replicate Data is secure, automated, complies with the UK Data Protection Act and GDPR legislation.  You deal with real people by telephone or email in the UK (Newton, Hyde actually); not a portal on a web site with drop-down menus, chat sessions and premium rate telephone numbers.


Fire, floods, server crashes and other business nasties – you could be surprised how often these happen.  We’ve helped many businesses recover, making their business disruption as short as possible.


Please get in touch or call us on 0161 366 8499 for a no obligation chat about your data backup requirements.