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Tameside Accountants | Accountancy Services

Friendly Accountants

Are you looking for your first accountant for your new business?  Or perhaps you don’t feel you are getting the right service for you and are seeking a change?


Your accountant is an essential part of your business.  You want someone you can trust and rely upon to have your best interests at heart – not someone who makes you feel that the clock is ticking every time you talk to them, so their bills are mounting.


Particularly when you are starting out, you want someone you can talk to, to ask all the ‘silly’ questions you think you’ve got; someone who will explain VAT to you; which is the best accounting software for your business; give you advice on dealing with tax, payroll and company purchases.


As your business grows, you might need help with setting up as a limited company or importing/exporting and working in foreign currencies. In other words, your accountant should be an extra member of your team.


Luckily for us, we work with some extremely capable and friendly accountants who can put you at your ease whilst guiding you in the right direction.   Just let us know or call us on 0161 366 8499 and we will get you together.

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